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Your goddess guide is...

Ianna, the goddess of Heroine

Power Goddess Mantra

“I am the heroine of my life.”

Goddess Invocation

Dear Inanna, please fill me with your benevolent power and passion to create the life I desire for my highest good.

About Inanna

Inanna is a beloved Sumerian goddess who embodies power, passion, love, and perseverance. She journeyed to the underworld to save her lover, Dumuzi, who was taken by her sister Ereshkigal. Dumuzi was scattered in seven pieces throughout the underworld. Inanna confronted her fears and retrieved him and put him back together. She faced her sister, the ruthless goddess of the underworld, and in doing so faced her own dark side.

Inanna makes her own rules. She is courageous and empowered even when she doubts herself. Inanna brings you these qualities and shares her power and courage with you as well as her humility and self-acceptance.


Your goddess guide is...

Libertas, the goddess of Freedom

Power Goddess Mantra

“I am truly free in mind, heart, body, and soul.”

Goddess Invocation

Dear Libertas, please help me see and feel my inner freedom and boundlessness. Empower me to live my joyful sovereignty.

About Libertas

Libertas is the Roman goddess of liberty. She is a governess of freedom, both inner and outer. From Latin, the word Libertas translates to the word freedom. In imagery, Libertas is sometimes pictured wearing a crown of laurel leaves or a liberty cap/crown and carrying a pole of liberty also called a vindicta. The well-known philosopher, Cicero, wrote about a temple that was built in her honor on Aventine Hill in Rome.

She was the subject of the French sculpture given to the United States as gift, La Liberté éclairant le monde which means Liberty Enlightening the World also known as The Statue of Liberty. She is a goddess that favors immigrants and honors all beings’ rights to personal freedom.


Your goddess guide is...

Sati, the goddess of Divine Love

Power Goddess Mantra

“I embrace divine love in my life.”

Goddess Invocation

Dear Sati, please bring me divine love in my life and within myself. Let me experience boundless love with ease and grace.

About Sati

Sati was the first wife of the Hindu deity Shiva. Together they are the embodiment of divine love. When Sati passed away, she reincarnated as the Hindu goddess Parvati and became Shiva’s wife again. Their love was so strong they magnetized one another through time and space multiple times.

Sati and Shiva’s lovemaking was legendary and has connection to what we would refer to as Tantra. It was not only about intoxicating passion and desire for these lovers, but also deep care, divine love, and emotional ecstasy to go with the sensuous pleasure they shared. Sati can show you how to embody the divine feminine and her associated receptivity.

Sati was also a fierce, cleansing goddess of rebirth and transformation as needed. She can clear away the old and outdated using the fires of passion and desire and make way for new heights of divine love and ecstasy available to you.


Your goddess guide is...

Oya, the goddess of Surrender

Power Goddess Mantra

“I surrender to the flow of the universe.”

Goddess Invocation

Dear Oya, please help me surrender to the river of universal life force. I allow life to bring me to my heart’s desires with ease and joy.

About Oya

Oya is a Yoruban goddess representing the winds of change. She also was thought to govern storms, lightning, thunder, rain, tornadoes, transformation, fire, and weather. She created nine whirlwinds and was known to transform into a buffalo. As a result, the number nine is associated with Oya.

She is known to cut through density with her sword of truth bringing transformation. She is the mother of chaos. Out of chaos, new growth is created. With her strength and clearing power, Oya opens the doors to evolving into your best self.

Oya was also known as the goddess of the marketplace and was a patroness for business owners. She protects women and is thought to carry souls in and out of incarnation on her wind. She is also known in Brazil as a goddess.

Hi there!

I'm Amy Leigh Mercree
Bestselling Author, Medical Intuitive, and Intuitive Teacher

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself…

I have been able to talk to spirit guides for most of my life. I began to fully align with that skill at age 17 when I began studying shamanism, reiki, and medicine ways with numerous teachers.

I am eternally grateful for these teachings and the support of my guides, the grandmothers, my teachers and the goddesses with whom I have worked for over twenty years. The goddesses of the light have been in my life for so long, guiding me, supporting and comforting me. I’ve written about how my goddess guided me through divorce and much more.

I have lived an enchanting and joyful life due to the support and guidance of my spirit team.

I want that for you. I want you to experience the joy and enchantment of life. I want you to feel connected to nature and the benevolence of the universe. I want you to have support and comfort during the tough times. 

It is my calling to teach you how to communicate with your guides and ultimately to heal yourself. It is my joy to be witness to your experiences talking to and journeying with your guides to unravel the beauty of your life. It’s my honor to watch your life unfold in better and higher vibrational ways when you choose to open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities and pantheon of supportive non-physical beings all around you. 

I love connecting people with the incredible wealth of divine feminine energy the goddesses bring. The feminine is rising again and ultimately, hopefully, bringing balance to our world. Take that next step and meet them with me. 


Your guides want to communicate with you. I'm here to show you how.


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